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As the world's premier manufacturer of diverse porous metal products, Mott Corporation's mission is to continuously enhance porous metal technology, and provide our customers with value-added products for all environments, including those where extreme operating conditions, demanding efficiencies, or exacting flow specifications must
be met

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Mott Corp – Gas-Solids Process Filtration

HyPulse® GSP


HyPulse® GSP Process filters offer traditional outside-in filtration of process gases and steam, for applications where cost-effectiveness and ease of use are high priorities. Upon reaching a given differential pressure or cycle time, the feed is discontinued and the backflow cycle is engaged. A flexible, all-purpose method of gas filtration.

HyPulse® GSV
  HyPulse® GSV filters are the ideal alternative. Porous elements, which are manifolded together, are sequentially pulsed and cleaned while the unit remains on-line. GSV filtration flows outside-in, as in the GSP design, but introduces several distinct benefits


Chemical Processing: Process Steam Filtration / High Temperature Gases
Refinery: Fourth Stage Separation / Catalyst Hopper Vents
Power Generation: Coal, Biomass, Waste Gasification
Nuclear: HEPA Grade Air Filters
Food and Beverage: Process Steam

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