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Mailing Address:
Optimum Filtration Company
PO Box 158
Washington, NC 27889

Phone: 252.946.2663


Physical Address:
152 P & G Lane
Washington, NC 27889

Liquid Filtration

• High Purity & Sanitary Applications
• Liquid, Syrups and Beverage Polishing
• Wine & Spirits Applications
• Reduction of Chlorine, Organic Chemicals & Odors

Shelco Products
Federal Screen Products
Orival Products
Mott Corp Products

Oil, Gas & Fuel Filtration

• Turbine Lubrication & Hydraulic Oils
• Compressor Lube Oil
• Synthetic Lubricants
• Water Glycol
• Petroleum Based Fluids
• Hot & Corrosive Gas Filtration
• Cost Effective Replacements for OEM Units

Shelco Products
Hilliard Products
Mott Corp Products
Kleentek Products


HVAC, Dust Collection & Gas Filtration

Cartridges, Spin-On, Coalescing, Separators, and Equipment
• Intake or Exhaust for Equipment or other Processes
• Gas Turbine Intake Elements
• Office Air Handling Units
• Cleanrooms / Operating Rooms
• New or Renovating Construction Sites
• Hazardous Gas Absorption for Operator & Equip Protection
• Capture of Oil / Grease Vapor, or Smoke Fumes

Filtration Group

Water Treatment

Cartridges, Bags, Porous Metal and Housings
• Cooling Towers / Process Cooling Water
• Intake / Reclaim Water, Effluent / Waste Water
• Spray Nozzles and Irrigation Lines
• Heat Exchangers, Instrumentation
• I.E. & R.O. Units
• Pre-filtration

Federal Screen Products
Orival Products


          Optimum Filtration Company
PO Box 158
Washington, NC  27889
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